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Active Contracts for $100,000 or Greater

Link to a monthly report required by the legislature of these contracts, and information on contract solicitations with the TCEQ.

Pursuant to H.B. 2835 (76th Legislature), the following monthly report is available.

For information on contract solicitations with TCEQ, go to the Electronic State Business Daily (ESDB) Exit the TCEQ site.

  1. Select Texas Commission on Environmental Quality - 582 in the "Name" drop down field.
  2. Select other search criteria desired.
  3. Click on the "Go" button.

The resulting list provides requested contracts with TCEQ. To get more detailed information on each solicitation, click on the solicitation's name listed.

NOTE: The Electronic State Business Daily site shows all bidding opportunities for contracts over $25,000. If budget estimates are needed for specific solicitations, please contact the appropriate party as identifed on the posting.