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Payments to Vendors

Information on TCEQ's payments to vendors, including providing goods and services to the TCEQ and determining the status of submitted invoices.

Payment for Providing Goods and Services to the TCEQ

Vendors are paid for providing goods and services to the TCEQ in accordance with the terms and conditions listed in the purchase order issued to the vendor or contract signed between the TCEQ and vendor. In addition, payments are issued to vendors in accordance with the Prompt-Payment Law. Texas Government Code, Chapter 2251.

Determining the Status of Your Invoice Submitted to the TCEQ for Payment

The Comptroller of Public Accounts (Comptroller) maintains a "Vendor Payments" page on its web site for vendors to electronically check the status of payments owed them by a state agency, including the TCEQ. On this page, a vendor may register their company and receive a confidential "PIN" to access payment data from the Comptroller.

For payment processing information for vendors providing goods and services to a state agency in Texas, please see Payment Processing Information for Vendors Exit the TCEQ

To access the Comptroller's vendor payments page and check on the status of your invoice, please see Payment Services for State Vendors and State Employees Exit the TCEQ

Contact the TCEQ for the Status of Your Payment

Dena Rotan, Supervisor of Purchase Voucher Audit
Phone: 512-239-1798; Fax: 512-239-2211
Email:  Dena Rotan (

Texas Government Code, Chapter 2251.