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Advisory Groups - Drinking Water

Groups that help the TCEQ implement legislation, develop rules, form policies and procedures, and implement plans to improve drinking water.

Advisory Committee for Water Utility Operator Licensing

Advisory committee that advises the TCEQ on matters related to training and licensing of water and waste water utility operators.

Cross-Connection Control Subcommittee

Meeting schedule and agenda for this open-participation group, which will advise the TCEQ on measures to protect drinking-water supplies by preventing cross connections and backflows.

Drinking Water Advisory Work Group (DWAWG)

Meeting schedules, agendas, and minutes from past meetings of this open-participation group, which meets quarterly to discuss compliance with state and federal drinking-water regulations and improving customer service.

EPA Drinking Water Stage 2 Rule Package

The Stage 2 Rule Package is in development starting in Fall 2006, and stakeholder input is requested. The rule package includes the federal Stage 2 Disinfection Byproducts Rule and the Long Term Stage 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule.