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Advisory Groups - Water Quality

Groups that help the TCEQ implement legislation, develop rules, form policies and procedures, and implement plans to improve water quality.

Advisory Committee for Water Utility Operator Licensing

Advisory committee that advises the TCEQ on matters related to training and licensing of water and waste water utility operators.

Aggregate Production Operations Stakeholders Group (APOSG)

The Aggregate Production Operations Stakeholders Group (APOSG) is a voluntary group of participants who meet when necessary to give advice and direction for issues related to aggregate production operations (APOs).

Agriculture Stakeholder Group

Meeting schedule, agendas, minutes of past meetings, and related information for this voluntary group that meets several times a year to discuss issues such as implementation of and compliance with water quality rules for agriculture.

Nutrient Criteria Development Advisory Work Group

An open-participation, voluntary group that meets with the Water Quality Standards staff to offer advice about the development of nutrient criteria and related issues.

Participating in TMDL Projects

How people can be involved in developing TMDLs and their implementation plans.

Pretreatment Stakeholder Group (PSG)

A voluntary group that offers advice to the TCEQ on the development and implementation of regulations for the pretreatment of industrial wastewater discharged into a domestic wastewater collection system or directly to a publicly owned wastewater treatment plant.

Stakeholder Participation in the Texas Clean Rivers Program

Describes the different stakeholder involvement activities of the Clean Rivers Program.

Stormwater Stakeholders Group (SWSG)

A group that advises the TCEQ about issues related to stormwater permits and requirements.

Surface Water Quality Monitoring Guidance Advisory Work Group

Meeting notices, handouts, agendas, and attendees.

Surface Water Quality Standards Advisory Work Group

This open-participation group will meet several times to advise the TCEQ about revising the standards for 2014 and methods for implementing the revised standards in permits.

Wastewater System Design Criteria Stakeholder Group

Meeting schedule, agenda, and minutes from past meetings of this open-participation group formed to receive comments on and suggestions regarding the design criteria for domestic wastewater collection systems.

Water Quality Advisory Work Group (WQAWG)

Meeting schedule, agendas, summaries of past meetings, and related information for this open-participation group which meets quarterly to offer input in the development and implementation of water quality rules.