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Petroleum Product Delivery Fee

The State of Texas assesses this fee on the delivery of a petroleum product removed from a bulk storage facility for distribution or sale within the state.

This fee is based on the capacity of the tank or vessel into which the petroleum product is delivered.

The fee is assessed as follows:

Capacity of Receiving TankFee
<2,500 gallons $2.75
≥2,500 gallons, but <5,000 gallons $5.50
≥5,000 gallons, but <8,000 gallons $8.65
≥8,000 gallons, but <10,000 gallons $11.00
≥10,000 gallons $5.50 for each increment of 5,000 gallons


If you have questions about whether you have been assessed the correct amount, please contact the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, which collects the fee. Their phone numbers are 800-252-1383 or 512-463-4600.

On March 28, 2012, the TCEQ adopted changes to the rules governing the Petroleum Storage Tank Program (Title 30 Texas Administration Code, Chapter 334). One of the changes addressed the petroleum product delivery fee (Section 334.19). On July 1, 2012, the petroleum product delivery fee decreased by approximately 27 percent.

Although this time the TCEQ was required to make the change by establishing a rule, in the future the agency could adjust this fee by posting notification of a rule change in the Texas Register and including a public comment period. Any changes to the fee must be based on limitations in Section 26.3574 of the Texas Water Code.

For additional information about this fee, please contact the TCEQ’s Chief Financial Officer at 512-239-3326.