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If You Generate Industrial and Hazardous Waste

How to comply with environmental regulations regarding hazardous wastes produced by your industrial plant.

Topics Under this Category

About the Annual Progress Report (APR)
About the Pollution Prevention (P2) Annual Progress Report: its purpose, applicability, requirements, and schedule.
Exemptions for Generators of Hazardous or Industrial Waste
Outlines conditions under which no permit or registration is needed for the management of industrial or hazardous waste generated on site.
Hazardous Waste Activities That Require Notifying the TCEQ
Activities that are exempt from permitting but trigger a requirement to notify TCEQ at least 90 days before beginning the activity.
Special Waste Disposal
Information on special waste identification, transportation, and disposal.
Waste Record Keeping
Guidelines and rules for keeping records about waste.
Waste Record Keeping and Reporting
Information on record keeping and reporting requirements as mandated by state and federal solid waste rules.
Waste Reporting
Requirements for reporting waste generation to the TCEQ. Find out whether your business must report and, if so, what information to report.