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Air Quality Successes - Emissions Inventory

Texas has devoted significant resources to air quality monitoring and research during the past decade in order to better understand air quality and to develop effective controls when needed.

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- Between 2000 and 2012, NOx emissions decreased 63 percent and measured ground level ozone concentrations decreased 23 percent.

- Emissions data reported by sites that met the TCEQ reporting requirements as stated in 30 Texas Administrative Code, Section 101.10 for the given year.

- Statewide 3-year ozone averages based on TCEQ monitoring network data as compiled by Air Modeling and Data Analysis section.
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  • NOx Emissions & O3
  • Texas NOx Trends
  • Texas VOC Trends
  • Texas SO2 Trends
  • HGB NOx Trends
  • HGB VOC Trends
  • HGB SO2 Trends
  • Emissions per Capita