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Area Source Emissions: Statewide Pneumatic Devices Survey

Owners and operators of active gas well sites are asked to complete this survey.

Statewide Pneumatic Devices Survey

As part of ongoing efforts to improve the area source oil and gas emissions inventory, the TCEQ is requesting data associated with pneumatic devices operating at active gas well sites outside of the 23-county Barnett Shale area for calendar year 2011.

The TCEQ is requesting information regarding the total component count of pneumatic devices categorized according to type and bleed rate. This data will be used to evaluate volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions estimates from pneumatic devices on the county-level.

Although your cooperation and participation with this undertaking is voluntary, the importance of an accurate and timely response cannot be over-emphasized. By identifying and characterizing the number of pneumatic devices present at active gas well sites statewide, the TCEQ will be better able to accurately represent and evaluate VOC emissions associated with these devices.

Please see the Request Letter for 2011 Pneumatic Device Data and the TCEQ 2011 Pneumatic Devices Survey Form for further instruction on how to complete and submit the surveys.

For questions about the information requested, please contact Miles T Whitten at (512)239-5479, Ellen Hoyer at (512) 239-1468, or Julie Westphal at (512) 239-5705

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