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Air Quality Planning: Quality Assurance Project Plan

Links to individual QAPPs by state fiscal year.

Every fiscal year (September–August) the TCEQ must detail requirements for compliance with standards of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on the TCEQ’s handling of data collected for reporting to the National Emission Inventory. The document is called Quality Assurance Project Plan: National Emissions Inventory (NEI) Emissions Reporting, otherwise known as the NEI QAPP. It describes how the agency collects emission data along with details of the corresponding criteria for ensuring data quality. In addition, the NEI QAPP gives a detailed emissions-inventory checklist for holders of permits that reference the QAPP. It also details what data to submit to the agency for compliance and additional emission inventory factors and related information. If you need any of the attachments, you may contact the emissions inventory specialist at 512/239-1536.