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Facts for Auto Dealers

What motor-vehicle dealers need to know about the AirCheckTexas program.

Model Year Update

Effective September 1, 2015,eligible vehicles for purchase are:

  • Model year 2016-2013 cars, SUVs, and vans;
  • Model year 2016-2014 pickup trucks; and
  • Model year 2016-2013 hybrid, electric, natural gas and all vehicles that have been certified to meet federal Tier 2, Bin 3 or cleaner Bin certification vehicles.

What You Should Know

The local program administrators for participating counties are offering vouchers to eligible citizens towards purchase of the following:

  • $3000 for a car, current model year or the previous three model years
  • $3000 for a truck, current model year or the previous two model years
  • $3500 for hybrid, electric, natural gas and all vehicles that have been certified to meet federal Tier 2, Bin 3 or cleaner Bin certification vehyciles.

Dealers can get cash back for these amounts when they redeem the voucher.

You must enter into an agreement with a local program administrator to participate. If you do, you can redeem vouchers toward the purchase of any vehicle that meets the following requirements:
  • Must be a federal Tier 2 Bin 5 vehicle or cleaner (see the list: model year 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013) Adobe Acrobat PDF Document
  • have an odometer reading of not more than 70,000 miles, and
  • Cannot cost more than
    • $35,000, before tax, title, and license, or
    • $45,000 for a hybrid vehicle, electric vehicle, natural gas vehicle or a vehicle certified to meet or exceed federal Tier 2, Bin 3 or cleaner certification of current or up to three model years old; before tax, title and license.
  • Must be purchased through a participating dealer
So, what’s the process from start to finish for the customer and you, the auto dealer?
  1. The customer may contact the program administrator to determine eligibility or the customer may visit the dealership before contacting the program administrator. In this case, contact the program administrator and provide the information needed to determine eligibility. Approval of eligibility can only be made by the program administrator.
  2. If the applicant is eligible, the program administrator will issue a voucher worth up to $3,500.
  3. The customer will bring the voucher, the retired vehicle, and title to you. The AirCheckTexas Retired Vehicle Transfer Manifest will need to be filled out at this time.
  4. The customer purchases a replacement vehicle.
  5. Transfer the retired vehicle to a dismantler, along with the AirCheckTexas Retired Vehicle Transfer Manifest.
  6. Account for the voucher amount on the Application for Texas Certificate of Title, line 21(b), Less Trade-In Amount.
  7. Return the voucher and a copy of the retired vehicle manifest to the appropriate program administrator for reimbursement.

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Vouchers can be used towards purchase of these cars and trucks:

Model Year:
(Changed annually Sept. 1)
2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013 (Adobe Acrobat PDF Document)

How customers get vouchers to bring to you

List of participating dismantlers

For participating dealerships:
Order Drive a Clean Machine materials. Adobe Acrobat PDF Document (Help with PDF.)

Download promotional materials

The voucher and the vehicle title:
The voucher amount is applied to line 21B of the Texas Certificate of Title. See Comptroller guidance Adobe Acrobat PDF Document

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Want to Participate?


Sign up through any or all of these local program administrators:

  • Houston-Galveston-Brazoria area: Houston-Galveston Area Council, 866-237-9392
  • Dallas–Fort Worth area: North Central Texas Council of Governments,
  • Travis County: 512-854-5020, then press 8
  • Williamson County: 512-943-1927

You may only accept vouchers from program areas with which you have a signed participation agreement.

Vehicles to be retired must be registered in one of these participating counties:

Austin Program Area:


Dallas–Fort Worth Program Area:


Houston-Galveston-Brazoria Program Area:

Fort Bend