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Rule Adoptions

Adoptions are rules that have been adopted by the commissioners and republished as final in the Texas Register.


ADOPTIONS are rules that have been adopted by the commissioners and republished as final in the Texas Register. They usually become effective 20 days after the TCEQ files them with the Texas Register for publication.

Adoptions will remain on this page for 30 days after the effective date.

Adoption Dates Rule Project Number Short Title/Description Adoption

Approval Date

Effective Date

2016-004-114-AI Texas Emissions Reduction Incentive Plan
The rulemaking provides for revisions to the criteria for the Drayage Truck Incentive Program (DTIP) in order to achieve the program goals. More specifically, revise the definition of a drayage truck to include other cargo handling equipment; revise the definition of seaport to include publically or privately owned properties within a ship channel security district; and remove the requirement that the drayage truck being purchased have a day cab only.

Executive Summary

Ch. 114

Approval Date

Effective Date

2015-040-101-AI Emissions Inventory and General Definitions Update
This rulemaking would lower the lead emissions reporting threshold to 0.5 tons per year for point source in §101.10 to align with reporting requirements in the AERR, in 40 CFR §51.100(s), change the §101.10 rule applicability distance for sites from the shoreline to nine nautical miles from 25 miles for consistency with other state regulations, and exclude certain organic compounds from regulation as a VOC in §101.1. Other proposed changes codify existing business processes and clarify the emissions inventory requirements. If adopted, the revised rules would be submitted to the EPA as revisions to the SIP.

Executive Summary

Ch. 101

Approval Date

Effective Date

2015-021-335-WS HB 2598 and RCRA Authorization for Parts of Federal Rule Clusters XXIII and XXIV
This rulemaking includes revisions to the definition of solid waste, revisions to Cathode Ray Tube export requirements, emanifest and implements HB 2598.

Executive Summary

Ch. 335