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Upcoming TERP Meetings and Workshops

This page provides information on upcoming TERP workshops and public meetings.

Workshop Schedules by Grant Program

Workshops are scheduled prior to or during a grant application period to provide interested applicants with an overview of program requirements and the application process. Browse workshop schedules by grant program below. Want to be the first to know when an application period has opened? Sign up to recieve e-mail updates!

Clean Transportation Triangle (CTT) Program & Alternative Fueling Facilities Program (AFFP)

The CTT/AFFP programs offer grants for the creation of natural gas fueling stations along interstate highways between the Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas/Fort Worth areas.

There are no CTT/AFFP workshops scheduled at this time.


Drayage Truck Incentive Program (DTIP)

The purpose of the Drayage Truck Incentive Program (DTIP) is to provide financial incentives for the replacement of older drayage trucks and equipment operating at eligible seaports and Class I rail yards in areas of Texas designated as nonattainment under the Federal Clean Air Act.

There are no DTIP workshops scheduled at this time.


Emissions Reduction Incentive Grants (ERIG) New Item

The Emissions Reduction Incentive Grants program offers grants to upgrade or replace on-road vehicles, non-road equipment, stationary equipment, on-vehicle electrification and idle reduction infrastructure, and rail relocation and improvement projects.

There are no ERIG workshops scheduled at this time.

New Technology Implementation Grant (NTIG) Program

These grants provide incentives to assist in the implementation of new technologies to reduce emissions of pollutants from facilities and other stationary sources.

There are no NTIG workshops scheduled at this time.


Rebate Grants (including small business) New Item

The Rebate Grants program is a simplified first-come, first-served grant program to upgrade or replace diesel heavy-duty vehicles and/or non-road equipment.

There are no Rebate workshops scheduled at this time.


Texas Clean Fleet Program (TCFP)

The Texas Clean Fleet Program (TCFP) offers grants to replace heavy-duty and light-duty on-road diesel vehicles with alternative fuel and hybrid vehicles.

There are no TCFP workshops scheduled at this time.

Texas Natural Gas Vehicle Grant Program (TNGVGP)

The TNGVGP provides grants to encourage an entity that owns and operates a heavy-duty or medium-duty motor vehicle to repower the vehicle with a natural gas engine or replace the vehicle with a natural gas vehicle.

There are no TNGVGP workshops scheduled at this time.

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TERP Reimbursement, Disposition, & Monitoring Workshops

Are you the recent recipient of a TERP grant? Workshops are scheduled throughout the year to provide an overview of the reimbursement, disposition, and monitoring process to grantees who were recently awarded a grant under the Emissions Reduction Incentive Grants (ERIG) and Rebate Grants programs. Staff will be available to address specific questions or concerns following the workshop. The workshop is beneficial to both grantees and third-party preparers.

There are no Reimbursement, Disposition, & Monitoring workshops scheduled at this time.

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Public Meetings

Public meetings are facilitated by the TCEQ and are intended for the taking of public comment on proposed rule changes.

There are no public meetings scheduled at this time.

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For More Information

For more information about the scheduling of TERP workshops and public meetings call 800-919-TERP or email

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