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TNGVGP Information Request for Original Equipment Manufacturers

Which OEMs must respond to the request, and how they can do so.

The TCEQ is required to compile a list of preapproved vehicles and/or engines eligible for grant funding.  In addition, the TCEQ is required to develop predetermined grant amounts for eligible grant projects. The grant amounts are based, in part, on a percentage of the incremental cost of purchasing a natural gas vehicle or repowering a vehicle with a natural gas engine, when compared with an equivalent new gasoline or diesel vehicle or engine.

The TCEQ has released this information request to compile the pre-approved list of natural gas vehicles, and to receive incremental cost information on the components of this list, which will include vehicles as well as engines.  The TCEQ is requesting responses only from those entities listed as the manufacturer on the United States Environmental Protection Agency Certificate of Conformity for the natural gas vehicles and engines. Entities not listed as the manufacturer on the EPA certificate should not complete the forms.