Executive Director's Marked Agenda

New Source Review Permits and Authorizations
August 2001

Data updated: 09/30/2001
Applicant Name
Project Description Permit Number County Name Date Signed
Fargo Gin
New Permit 44698 WILBARGER 08/31/2001
Air Liquide America Corporation
Permit Renewal 9346 HARRIS 08/31/2001
Buster Paving, a Div of APAC-TX. Inc.
Permit Renewal 9578 TITUS 08/31/2001
Code= CONS 9346 HARRIS 08/31/2001
Belco Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Permit Amendment 27360 BELL 08/30/2001
Ransco Concrete Services Inc
New Permit 47000 HARRIS 08/30/2001
Alamo Concrete Products, Ltd.
Exemption from 45514 JIM WELLS 08/27/2001
Martin Marietta Materials Southwest, Ltd.
New Permit 45760 BEXAR 08/27/2001
Val Tex Asphalt & Environmental Recycling, Inc.
New Permit 45761 HIDALGO 08/27/2001
Shell Oil Company
New Permit 46535 HARRIS 08/27/2001
Brownsville Co-op Gin
New Permit 47544 CAMERON 08/27/2001
Itasca Cooperative Grain Company
New Permit 47582 HILL 08/27/2001
Shumaker Enterprises, Inc.
New Permit 46045 TRAVIS 08/23/2001
Deer Park Energy Center, L.P.
New Permit 45642 HARRIS 08/22/2001
Deer Park Energy Center,L.P.
New PSD Permit P979 HARRIS 08/22/2001
Deer Park Energy Center, L.P.
New Nonattainment N036 HARRIS 08/22/2001
ATOFINA Petrochemicals , Inc.
New Permit 46396 JEFFERSON 08/21/2001
Campbell Concrete and Materials, L.P.
New Permit 45462 POLK 08/20/2001
Alamo Concrete Products, Ltd.
Code= KRVW 45607 NUECES 08/20/2001
Red River Army Depot
Permit Amendment 17973 BOWIE 08/20/2001
New Permit 47170 PECOS 08/20/2001
Naft Ready Mix Inc
New Permit 47761 PECOS 08/10/2001
Texas Tech University
Permit Amendment 3401 LUBBOCK 08/08/2001
Hanson Concrete South Central Inc
New Permit 47456 MONTGOMERY 08/07/2001
Speaco Foods, Inc.
New Permit 45437 DALLAS 08/03/2001
Chromalloy Dallas
Permit Amendment 24680 DALLAS 08/02/2001
New Permit 40582A NAVARRO 08/01/2001
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