Executive Director's Marked Agenda

New Source Review Permits and Authorizations
March 2000

Applicant Name
Project Description Permit Number County Name Date Signed
Exxon Company, U.S.A.
New Flexible Permit 18287 HARRIS 03/31/2000
Pelican Island Storage Terminals Inc.
Permit Renewal 8680 GALVESTON 03/31/2000
True Cooperative Gin
New Permit 41603 NUECES 03/30/2000
Chemical Lime, Ltd.
Permit Renewal 8434 BOSQUE 03/30/2000
Ameripol Synpol Corporation
New Permit 42141 ECTOR 03/30/2000
Lubrizol Petroleum Chemical Company
Permit Amendment 19002 HARRIS 03/29/2000
Elf Atochem North America, Inc.
Permit Amendment 20970 HARRIS 03/28/2000
Formosa Plastic Corporation
Permit Amendment 19200 CALHOUN 03/28/2000
Coastal Power Company
New Permit 41941 BASTROP 03/22/2000
New PSD Permit P948 BASTROP 03/22/2000
Calpine Construction Finance Company L. P.
New Permit 42179 HARRIS 03/22/2000
Calpine Construction Finance Company, L. P.
New PSD Permit P955 HARRIS 03/22/2000
Robbins & Myers Energy Systems LP
Permit Amendment 35266 MONTGOMERY 03/22/2000
Interstate Trailers, Inc.
New Permit 42328 TARRANT 03/22/2000
Calpine Construction Finance Company, L.P.
New Nonattainment N021 HARRIS 03/22/2000
Pruett Ready Mix, Inc.
Exemption from 43194 BROWN 03/22/2000
Gateway Power Project, LP.
New PSD Permit P945 UPSHUR 03/20/2000
Extruders Division of Atrium Companies, Inc.
New Permit 42072 COLLIN 03/16/2000
Hughes Christensen Metallurgical Products Div.
Permit Renewal 7793A HARRIS 03/16/2000
Chevron U.S.A. Products Company
New Permit 41167 EL PASO 03/16/2000
Tiffany Brick dba US Brick
Exemption from 42911 COMAL 03/15/2000
Mobil Oil Corporation
New Permit 40699 JEFFERSON 03/14/2000
Haas-Anderson Construction Company
New Permit 42062 REFUGIO 03/14/2000
Duke Energy Jack, L.P.
New Permit 42169 JACK 03/14/2000
New PSD Permit P954 JACK 03/14/2000
Pioneer South Central, Inc.
Permit Amendment 9387A WISE 03/14/2000
Worley Nolan River Concrete Products
Exemption from 43066 HILL 03/14/2000
Bemis Custom Products
Permit Amendment 16958 GREGG 03/14/2000
Unifix USA, Incorporated
Exemption from 43115 JOHNSON 03/10/2000
Huntsman Petrochemical Corporation
Permit Amendment 16909 JEFFERSON 03/08/2000
BASF Corporation
New Permit 40799 BRAZORIA 03/07/2000
Precast Systems Inc.
New Permit 41828 WALLER 03/07/2000
OK Concrete Company, Inc.
Permit Amendment 5897 YOUNG 03/07/2000
BASF Corporation
New PSD Permit P959 BRAZORIA 03/07/2000
Symons Corporation
New Permit 42780 COMAL 03/07/2000
Lone Star Ready Mix, Inc.
Exemption from 43002 WILLIAMSON 03/07/2000
Cobisa-Forney Limited Partnership
New Permit 41953 KAUFMAN 03/06/2000
New PSD Permit P951 KAUFMAN 03/06/2000
American Excelsior Company
Code= TAMD 19428 TARRANT 03/06/2000
Monty Getman, Inc.
Exemption from 42985A DALLAS 03/06/2000
Progress Rail Services Corporation
New Permit 42779 POTTER 03/03/2000
Reliant Energy,Inc. dba Houston Industries
Permit Amendment 8576 LIMESTONE 03/02/2000
Reliant Energy, Inc.
PSD Permit Amendment P371M3 LIMESTONE 03/02/2000
Reliant Energy, Inc. dba Houston Industries
PSD Permit Amendment P371M3 LIMESTONE 03/02/2000
CSA Materials, Inc.
New Permit 41394 TOM GREEN 03/01/2000
Phillips 66 Company
Permit Amendment 5682A BRAZORIA 03/01/2000
General Electric International, Inc.
Permit Amendment 22715 JEFFERSON 03/01/2000
Mobile Recycling, L.L.C.
New Permit 42626 COLORADO 03/01/2000
L.D.J. Ready Mix
Exemption from 43065 COLLIN 03/01/2000
Few Ready Mix Concrete Co.
Exemption from 43139 JEFFERSON 03/01/2000
Cajun Ready Mix, LTD
Exemption from 43168 WALLER 03/01/2000

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