De Minimis

Some facilities and sources are classified as de minimis and authorized by rule. 30 Texas Administrative Code §116.119 identifies criteria for determining de minimis classifications. In addition, specific facilities that have been evaluated and designated as de minimis are identified on the de minimis list, which is posted on the division's Web site. De minimis facilities and sources include very small additions to background concentrations of air contaminants that cause no discernable or unacceptable impact to public health and for which permitting would be an ineffective use of commission resources. Some examples of de minimis sources are music and film studios, beauty shops, and deer block manufacturing.

This authorization is intended to reduce workload and allow permitting staff to focus on projects that could affect public health and welfare. Applicants with facilities that meet the de minimis rule or de minimis list do not have to obtain an air authorization through the permitting process.

All emissions associated with the facility, or any group of facilities, must meet the de minimis criteria. No partial permitting allowed!

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