Environmental Assistance Division

The Environmental Assistance Division (EAD):

EAD can assist small businesses and small local governments with understanding permitting requirements. Compliance assistance is confidential and can be accessed by calling 1-800-447-2827 or visiting www.texasenvirohelp.org. EAD staff members can also review the forms and guidance documents created by the Air Permits Division for readability and understandability from the small business/local government perspective.

EAD also acts as a liaison between small business applicants and the Air Permits Division in the rule development process, which includes participating in rule and standard permit team meetings, and attending stakeholder meetings.

EAD also implements the TCEQ's Public Education Program, which encourages public participation in permitting by providing a toll-free hotline (800-687-4040) that is included on all notices for permits. The hotline is staffed full-time by employees who can answer citizen's questions about pending permit applications.

The Air Permits Division also partners with EAD for the TCEQ Environmental Trade Fair and Advanced Air Permitting Seminar each year to determine the venues, agendas, and presentation programs for each of these events.

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