Small Business and Environmental Assistance Division

The Small Business and Environmental Assistance (SBEA) Division:

SBEA offers services to a variety of customers, including small businesses and local governments, industries and manufacturers, agricultural operations, students and academia, and anyone interested in environmental stewardship.

SBEA is the primary point of contact for small business permit applicants and thereby directs the TCEQ Public Education Program, manages the toll-free confidential hotline (800-447-2827) and assistance Web site for small businesses, provides compliance support, and often helps these applicants fill out forms. In conjunction with helping small business applicants, SBEA staff members review the forms and guidance documents created by the Air Permits Division for readability and understandability from the small business perspective.

SBEA also acts as a liaison between small business applicants and the Air Permits Division in the rule development process, which includes participating in rule and standard permit team meetings, and attending stakeholder meetings.

The Air Permits Division also partners with SBEA for the TCEQ Environmental Trade Fair, Advanced Air Permitting Seminar, and Oil and Gas Facilities Workshop each year to determine the venues, agendas, and presentation programs for each of these events.

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