OCC and the Former Office of Public Assistance

OCC also conducts some of the duties of the former Office of Public Assistance. These duties include acknowledging receipt of written comments and requests for public meetings and hearings, conducting public meetings around the state on permit applications and air quality rule development, and managing the Environmental Equity Program.

With regard to air permit applications that publish notice and receive comments and requests for public meetings and hearings, OCC initially responds to the commentor(s) - informing these individuals that their comments and requests have been received and forwarded to the TCEQ permit reviewer and staff attorney. When requested, OCC also works with the permit reviewer and staff attorney in completing the RTC by providing a final review.

The Environmental Equity Program is now part of OCC. This program works to help citizens and neighborhood groups participate in the regulatory process, ensure that agency programs that may affect human health or the environment operate without discrimination, and make sure that citizens' concerns are considered thoroughly and handled in a way that is fair to all.

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