Subchapter B Permits - Minor Sources (cont'd)

Drafting the Permit

Upon completion of the technical review, the reviewer drafts the permit. The draft permit typically consists of the special conditions and the maximum allowable emission rates table (MAERT), which are sent to the applicant for approval or comment.

Permit reviewers also send a draft permit Request for Comments (RFC), which includes copies of the special conditions and MAERT, to the appropriate TCEQ regional office and any local air pollution control program having jurisdiction to provide an opportunity for input. An RFC may also be sent to other pertinent agency programs (i.e. Toxicology, Compliance and Enforcement, Legal Services, etc.).

After all comments are received and any issues resolved, second public notice is conducted by the owners/operators of those facilities subject to public notice requirements. The permit reviewer, not APIRT, prepares this public notice package.

Once the public notice period has ended and all public comments are received and any issues resolved, a written technical summary is finalized. This summary is part of the final permit package that is reviewed by division management prior to any authorization approval. The permit reviewer will also develop an approval letter to be included with a copy of the final permit to the applicant.

The final permit typically consists of:


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