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Site Visit/Compliance Commitment (C2) Program

Free, confidential*, on-site, environmental compliance assessments for small businesses, local governments, and independent school districts.

The site visit program offers free, confidential*, on-site, compliance assessments of independently owned and operated small businesses, facilities that are owned or operated by local governments, and independent school districts. Those who successfully participate in the program can receive a C2 certificate and can earn up to a two-year exemption from routine investigations.

What is the site visit program?

The site visit program provides free, confidential*, on-site assessments to evaluate environmental compliance of eligible facilities.  Site visits are conducted by an environmental consultant under contract with the TCEQ.

Here’s how it works:

  1. A facility representative should call our toll free hotline at 800-447-2827 to request a visit.
  2. An independent contractor will contact the facility to schedule the site visit.
  3. The contractor will conduct the site visit using an approved checklist that will address air, water, and waste regulations that pertain to your industry.
  4. The facility representative will receive a written assessment describing all compliance-related findings and recommendations for achieving compliance with the checklist (possibly including ways to reduce pollution and waste).
  5. Once the operator or owner corrects all compliance deficiencies noted in the report, eligible facilities can request to receive a second visit.
  6. If the contractor finds no deficiencies, then the facility will be recommended for a C2 certificate.

*All information from the site visit is confidential: it is not provided to TCEQ enforcement staff.

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What is a C2 Certificate?

If the facility is in full compliance with the TCEQ-approved checklist, the TCEQ may award the facility or site a certificate from the C2 Program. With a C2 certificate, recipients receive up to a two-year exemption from routine investigations. In addition to the TCEQ, the following programs also recognize the C2 certificate:

  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • City of Corpus Christi—Storm Water Department
  • City of Dallas—Air Pollution Control
  • City of Dallas—Public Works and Transportation
  • City of Dallas—Storm Water Management
  • City of Fort Worth—Department of Environmental Management
  • City of Houston—Bureau of Air Quality Control
  • City of Houston—Public Works and Engineering
  • City of Pasadena—Public Works and Engineering
  • City of Waco—Water Utility Services
  • Brazoria County Environmental Health Department
  • El Paso, City-County Health and Environmental District
  • Fort Bend County Environmental Health Department
  • Galveston County Health District
  • Harris County Pollution Control Services Division
  • Montgomery County Environmental Health Services

What makes you ineligible to receive a C2 certificate?

  • PST systems are not eligible for C2 certificates. Therefore, they will not be covered under the C2 exemption. The TCEQ reserves the right to inspect PST systems at any time.
  • The facility or site cannot be under an active enforcement review by any of the participating regulatory environmental organizations.

What circumstances can void an exemption?

The exemption from routine inspections is void in the event of imminent threat or danger to human health and the environment, catastrophe, formal complaints, inspections required by a permit, or a follow-up on previously cited violations.

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Who is eligible for a site visit?

To qualify for a site visit, the facility or site must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Employ a company-wide total of 100 or fewer employees;
  • Be operated by a small local government (a county with a population of 100,000 or fewer people; a city with a population of 50,000 or fewer people);
  • Be an independent school district (ISD) serving a student population of 100,000 or fewer students.

Eligible Facilities 

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Who is not eligible for a site visit?

Facilities and local governments are not eligible to receive a site visit if they:

  • Owe fees and penalties to the TCEQ;
  • Have an open Notice of Violation (NOV);
  • Have an open Notice of Enforcement (NOE) or an agreed order that has not been signed.

Where can I find more information and assistance?

The TCEQ's Small Business and Local Government Assistance Section offers free, confidential help to small businesses and local governments working to comply with state environmental regulations. Call us at 800-447-2827 or visit our Web page at

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