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Parts of a Page

This summary of the page becomes the first paragraph. It appears in bold. You want it to work well as an introduction to the page. Use terms that people are likely to use in a search, especially if those terms aren't in the title or the Web address.


Key Elements of a Web Page

Some of the key elements of a Web page are:

  • its URL, or Web address
  • its title
  • its summary
  • if the page is long, a navigational list
  • headings
  • related items

How People Use These Elements

Before they settle in to read the page, people use these elements to orient themselves. First, they want to know that they've found the right place. Then they might want to know what else is nearby.

Elements that say, "You've found the right place."

When people land on your Web page, the first thing they notice is the title. The title should make sense based on...