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Instructions on How to Complete Your Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) Using the TCEQ CCR Generator

Instructions for you to prepare your CCR, due July 1 of every year.

The CCR Generator is currently undergoing maintenance and not available at this time. TCEQ expects the CCR Generator to be available for use in June. If you would like TCEQ to send you a draft 2015 CCR please email or call 512-239-4691. You must include your PWS ID, PWS name, and contact information. When the CCR Generator is available for public use TCEQ will mail your system s letter that includes instructions for creating your CCR template. Please be aware that water systems are not required to use the CCR Generator to create the CCR.  You can find your sample data on the Texas Drinking Water Watch website. The 2015 CCR is due to TCEQ and your customers by July 1, 2016. If you have more questions please call 512-239-4691 and ask to speak with CCR staff.

Please be aware that, the template you generate online using the CCR Generator on Texas DWW is not a complete CCR. It is your responsibility to make sure the CCR you send your customers is correct and consistent with the compliance monitoring data previously submitted to the TCEQ and contains all information required in 30 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) 290 Subchapter H: Consumer Confidence Reports .

The CCR, which covers data from January 1-December 31 is due to the TCEQ and your customers by July 1 of every year. The CCR should only cover data from the previous calendar year.  

To generate your template for the CCR, follow these steps: 

  1. Go to the TCEQ CCR Generator at CCR Gen.
  2. In the Enter or Select Water System field, type in your 7 digit Public Water System ID or find your PWS Name in the drop down menu.
  3. In the Select CCR year field, select the appropriate year.
  4. In the Select Report Format field, select from PDF, RTF or DOC (Microsoft Word).
  5. Select Generate Report
  6. Select Save As to save the report to your computer or you can Open the document and then Save As. 
  7. Follow the Important Information instructions that are generated with the CCR template (pages 3-6) and read This document includes extended explanations, examples and instructions about how to include data in the CCR template. 
  8. Review 30 TAC 290 Subchapter H: Consumer Confidence Reports to ensure that you have all the content required by the TCEQ.


To make sure you are distributing the CCR correctly see, Distributing the Consumer Confidence Report.

To ensure that you receive credit for you CCR see, Certification of the Consumer Confidence Report.

CCR Checklist for Community Public Water Systems

This checklist is meant to serve only as a guidance document and does not replace all the requirements listed in 30 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) 290 Subchapter H: Consumer Confidence Reports .

Beginners Guide to the CCR

General steps to figuring out what the CCR is and how to put one together for your community water system.

If you have questions concerning the CCR, please call the Drinking Water Quality Team at 512/239-4691 or email When you contact the TCEQ please make sure that you reference the PWS Name and ID number.