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CCR Information for Wholesale and Providing Water Systems

Consumer Confidence Report requirements for wholesale and providing water systems.

If you provide water to another water system, by April 1 you must deliver to that system the information required by Title 30 Texas Administrative Code Section 290.272 Exit the TCEQ (relating to Content of the Report). This includes any wholesale systems that may serve as pass through to community systems. Key points you should know:

  • This includes any systems with which you have an interconnection or have supplied water in the previous calendar year on an operational or demand basis to augment their water supply. To view the latest information we have for your system in this regard, go to our Water Utilities Database.
  • If you prepare the Consumer Confidence Report for your buyers, do not report your bacteriological and lead and copper data. Each purchasing system must provide its own data for these parameters.
  • You must also certify to us that the required information has been delivered:

Return your completed form TCEQ-20073 postmarked by May 1 to:

Consumer Confidence Report Program Coordinator
Public Drinking Water Section - Mail Code 155
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
PO Box 13087
Austin TX  78711-3087

Contact us if you have any questions.