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New Forms for Reporting Total Coliform Rule Compliance

Forms to be used by TCEQ-accredited labs when reporting the results of analyzing samples from a public water system for coliform. These forms are to be used only by those labs that report results in hard copy.

Electronic Submittal

We prefer that you submit these sample results electronically. We have a program in place to provide technical assistance for laboratories implementing these processes. Contact us if you need help setting up electronic reporting.

Hard Copy Submittal

Starting October 1, 2009, laboratories that submit PWS compliance sample results in hard copy must use these forms (PDF files. Help with PDF.):

If laboratories submit hard copies of these results in any other format, we will reject the submission. As a result, the PWS could be issued a violation for each rejected submission.

Procedures for Positive Samples Will Change

If a sample result is positive, you must immediately fax the result to 512-239-3666. Please use the TCEQ Microbial Monitoring Positive Result From. (PDF, DOC) As of December 1, 2009, this form only will be required for submission of all positve results.