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Annual Enforcement Report

Annual report that provide the TCEQ Commissioners with key status and performance indicators about agency enforcement activities.

State law requires the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to prepare an electronic enforcement report by December 1 each year that reports on the enforcement actions for each type of regulatory program in the agency.

This year's report is provided as an Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) file (help with PDF ) and includes the information listed below for the current fiscal year as well as the preceding five fiscal years.

This enforcement report contains statistical indicators and a comparative analysis for the following enforcement related activities:

  • number of investigations and complaints by program and region;
  • number of notices of violation issued by program and region;
  • number and type of enforcement actions and lists of each action denoting the regulated entity name and location by county and region;
  • amount of penalties assessed, deferred, and required to be paid to General Revenue;
  • supplemental environmental project costs, offsets, and descriptions;
  • number and percentage of enforcement actions issued to persons who previously have committed the same or similar violations;
  • number and percentage of enforcement orders issued to entities that have been the subject of a previous enforcement order;
  • classification of violations as major, moderate, or minor;
  • most frequently cited rules/statutes in enforcement actions;
  • emissions events; and
  • other information which the Commission deems relevant, including information on the results of enforcement actions (i.e., environmental benefit, pollutant reductions, etc.).