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Edwards Aquifer Protection Plans

Defines "Edwards Aquifer protection plan" and lists distinct types of such plans.

Edwards Aquifer protection planis a general term for the following:

The appropriate Edwards Aquifer protection plan application for a proposed project must be approved by the TCEQ prior to the applicant commencing:

  • any regulated activity on the recharge zone of the Edwards Aquifer; or
  • the installation of a static hydrocarbon and hazardous substance storage system in above-ground or underground tanks on the transition zone of the Edwards Aquifer.

The Edwards Aquifer rules define a site as “the entire area included within the legal boundaries of the property.” The rule also states:

regulated activities on a site that is located partially on the recharge zone and transition zone, where the natural drainage in the transition zone flows back to the recharge zone, shall be treated as if the entire site is located on the recharge zone.