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Aboveground Storage Tank Facility Plan

When and how to submit an AST Facility Plan.

An aboveground storage tank (AST) facility plan is required for the installation of permanent aboveground storage tanks at a facility that will have a total capacity of 500 gallons or more on either the recharge or transition zones of the Edwards Aquifer. In particular, ASTs that will store static hydrocarbons or hazardous substances are regulated.

Required Application

The forms for a complete AST facility plan specify additional information that must be attached, such as maps, site plans, drawings for the containment area, and a description of spill controls and response actions. The fee is $650 per tank.

A containment area is a required element of the plan. Double-walled tanks are acceptable in place of the tank containment requirement. If underground piping is proposed, then a continuous leak-detection system is required for the piping.

A geologic assessment is not required for installation projects at existing facilities where the site is paved.

An AST facility plan must be submitted for review and approved prior to installation.