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Contributing Zone Plans

Requirements for CZPs.

The contributing zone is the area or watershed where runoff from precipitation flows to the recharge zone of the Edwards Aquifer.

“Contributing Zone Plan” is a general term that can refer to the plan itself, an exception request, a modification to a previously approved plan, or an extension request.

Required Application

The forms for a complete CZP specify additional information that must be attached, such as maps, site plans, construction notes and details, calculations for the removal of suspended solids, and the sizing for permanent best management practices.

The CZP must also include information on best management practices that will be used during construction. You may include a storm water pollution prevention plan which is required by the TPDES Construction General Permit to satisfy this requirement.

Requesting an Exception

You may request an exception from submitting a CZP because your site already has one, and you plan on adding a negligible increase in impervious cover.