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Exception Request

Content for a Edwards Aquifer Exception Request.

When an Exception Request Is Appropriate

You may request an exception from any or all of the substantive provisions of the Edwards Aquifer rules. Two examples include:

  • an activity that does not involve construction, but does include minor soil disturbance and stabilization.
  • an exception from submitting a water pollution abatement plan because your site has been developed before, and you plan on adding a negligible increase in impervious cover.

As part of your request, you must provide evidence that water quality will be protected.

We cannot grant an exception for a prohibited activity such as new feedlots or waste disposal wells on the recharge zone.

When an Exception Request Is Not Required

Some types of exception requests are appropriate elements of the plan application, so you do not need to make a separate exception request for things such as:

  • a request to use innovative technology as your permanent best management practice;
  • to use an existing geologic assessment for your application; or
  • a variance from the minimum or maximum flow rate for sewage lines for your organized sewage collection system plan.

If you have any questions about whether you need an exception request, contact the EAPP staff in your local regional office.

Required Application

The form for an exception request specifies additional information that must be attached such as a description of the request and a site plan.

The request must be submitted for review and approved prior to the commencement of construction or other regulated activities.