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Application Submittal and Review

Submitting Edwards Aquifer and Contributing Zone plans and how they are processed by TCEQ personnel.

Updating Your Geologic Assessment

If your geologic assessment was completed before the October 1, 2004, revisions to the Instructions to Geologists (TCEQ-0585 Instructions), and your site contains features that were rated as possibly sensitive, then your assessment must be updated. One of the revisions to the instructions was to eliminate the category "possibly sensitive".

Submitting Your Application

Submit your completed Edwards Aquifer protection plan or contributing zone plan to the TCEQ regional office that serves the county where your project is located:

  • San Antonio for Comal, Bexar, Medina, Uvalde, and Kinney Counties
  • Austin for Williamson, Travis, and Hays Counties

The best way to submit your application is by appointment with an EAPP staff member. We will meet with either you or your agent to review your application and discuss any points you want to further explore. In this meeting we will make sure your application is administratively complete.

In order for us to accept your application, construction plans must be submitted on sheets large enough for the reviewer to easily see all pertinent information. Our reviewer will determine the readability of the plans.

You can learn more about our administrative review steps and see the checklistswe use to evaluate applications. Our checklist comments highlight certain items we check and are not a substitute for complete responses.

Next, we provide a copy of your plan application to any affected city, groundwater conservation district, and county whose jurisdiction includes your site. These entities then have 30 days to provide comments on the application to our regional office. We will consider these comments and, when appropriate, act upon them.

Guidance for the Number of Copies to Submit

Submit one (1) original and one (1) copy of the application, plus additional copies as needed for each affected incorporated city, groundwater conservation district, and county in which the project will be located. 

Refer to Groundwater Conservation Districts within the EAPP Boundaries to determine which groundwater districts will need a copy of the application.  The Edwards Aquifer administrative review process and checklists have additional instructions on the number of copies to submit.

Our Review of Your Application

We review applications in the order they are received. Our review process includes:

  • an initial site assessment
  • an evaluation of the plan for technical merit
  • contact with the applicant or agent to resolve any deficiencies

If your plan application is technically adequate, complies with the rules, and generally is protective of the Edwards Aquifer during and after construction, we will send you an approval letter. We will also send a copy of this letter to the agent.

The turnaround time for our review of Edwards Aquifer protection plans and contributing zone plan applications is 60 days. Construction may not begin until our approval letter has been issued.