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Organized Sewage Collection System Plan

What an organized SCS plan is, and how to submit one.

An organized sewage collection system (SCS) is any public or private sewerage system for the collection and conveyance of sewage to a treatment and disposal system that is regulated pursuant to rules of the commission and provisions of Chapter 26 of the Texas Water Code. A system includes:

  • lift stations,
  • force mains,
  • gravity lines, and
  • all appurtenances necessary for conveying wastewater from a generating facility to a treatment plant.

A private sewerage system is the portion of the sewage system for a privately owned commercial, industrial, or multifamily development which extends downgradient from the convergance of two or more private service laterals from wastewater-generating facilities. This sewage collection system must be designed to meet the requirements of 30 TAC Chapter 217 and 30 TAC Chapter 213.

Required Application

The forms for a complete SCS plan specify additional information that must be attached such as maps, site plans, geologic assessment, plan and profile views of the sewage collection system lines, construction detail sheets, calculations, and construction notes. The construction plans for the system, which are included with the submittal, must be designed, sealed, signed, and dated by a Texas licensed professional engineer. The designed plans must be the final plans intended to be used for bidding purposes.

A private service lateral (attachment of one wastewater generating structure to an existing sewage collection system line) does not require TCEQ approval, but must comply with local plumbing codes.

An SCS plan must be submitted for review and approved prior to the commencement of construction.

SCSs are not required on the Edwards Aquifer transition zone.