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Edwards Aquifer Map Viewer

View the Edwards Aquifer maps of regulated zones with your web browser.

Use the Edwards Aquifer Map Viewer to see the areas of Texas that are subject to regulation by the TCEQ under the Edwards Aquifer Protection Program. You can print a copy of the map to submit with your application.

  • User Guide Adobe Acrobat PDF icon - Read this first. This downloadable PDF document explains how to use the tools available in the viewer. New Information
  • Open the Map Viewer—Best viewed using Internet Explorer V9.0 and above Firefox V22.0 and above, and Google Chrome V28.0 and above.
  • Geospatial Data Layer Documentation, also known as metadata—Describes the geospatial data layer. The Edwards Aquifer maps come from official printed maps, containing regulatory boundaries based on previous geologic interpretations of the Edwards Aquifer zones—that is, the recharge, transition, and contributing within the transition zones, as defined in 30 TAC 213 Exit the TCEQ.
  • Contact Us—E-mail the Edwards Aquifer Program staff at or talk with staff in the TCEQ Austin Regional Office at 512/339-2929 or the San Antonio Regional Office at 210/490-3096.
Program Updates

Hot Topic Edwards Aquifer Protection Program (EAPP) Public Hearings
The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ or commission) will conduct public hearings to receive comments from the public on actions the commission should take to protect the Edwards Aquifer from pollution, as required under Texas Water Code, §26.046.  This requirement assists the commission in its shared responsibility with local governments such as cities and groundwater conservation districts to protect the water quality of the aquifer. 

The hearings will be held at the following times and locations: Monday, October 19, 2015 at 2:00 p.m. at the TCEQ Park 35 Office Complex, 12100 Park 35 Circle, Building E, Room 201S, Austin; and Tuesday, October 20, 2015 at 2:00 p.m. at the Tesoro Building, Alamo Area Council of Governments, Al J. Notzon III Board Room, 8700 Tesoro Drive, San Antonio. 

For further information or questions concerning these hearings, please contact Mr. Bailey at (512) 239-6956, or visit Regulatory History of the Edwards Aquifer.

Hot Topic Download the New Application Forms
The Edwards Aquifer Protection Plan forms have been updated. Download the forms at Edwards Aquifer Forms, Instructions, and Checklists.

Include the Required Cover Page
When you submit an Edwards Aquifer Application, you must include a certified cover page. Access a copy at Edwards Aquifer Forms, Instructions, and Checklists.

Utilize the Application Checklists
Use the application checklists to help you compile the necessary forms and attachments to submit a complete plan. See Edwards Aquifer Protection Plans to access your checklist.

Submit a Complete Application
To learn how to submit a complete plan, see Application Submission and Review.