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Water Pollution Abatement Plan

When and how to submit an Edwards Aquifer WPAP.

A water pollution abatement plan is required for any regulated activity proposed in the Edwards Aquifer recharge zone. This includes any construction-related activity, such as:

  • the construction of buildings, utility stations, roads, highways, railroads
  • clearing, excavation, or any other activities that alter or disturb the topographic, geologic, or existing recharge characteristics of a site
  • any other activities with a potential for contaminating the Edwards Aquifer and hydrologically connected surface streams

Required Application

The forms for a complete WPAP specify additional information that must be attached, such as maps, site plans, geologic assessment, construction notes and details, calculations for the removal of suspended solids, and the sizing for permanent best management practices.

The fee is based on the project area in acres, and the type of development (one single-family dwelling; multiple single-family residential or parks; or nonresidential). The minimum fee is $650; the maximum, $10,000.

A WPAP must be submitted for review and approved prior to the commencement of construction or other regulated activities.

WPAPs are not required in the Edwards Aquifer recharge zone for existing sites, unless the sites are being modified, nor for projects in the Edwards Aquifer transition zone.