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Online Submission of TPDES Discharge Monitoring Reports

Submit your TPDES discharge monitoring reports online through NetDMR.

Texas NetDMR is now available!

Click here to login to NetDMR.

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NetDMR is a Web-based tool that allows you as a Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permittee to electronically sign and submit your water quality discharge-monitoring reports (DMRs) to the TCEQ.

The data is then automatically submitted to the EPA’s ICIS-NPDES database.

Reports you can submit through NetDMR

DMR data can be submitted electronically through the NetDMR system for the following TPDES permits where the TCEQ has compliance and enforcement monitoring authority:

  • Industrial wastewater discharge individual permit
  • Domestic wastewater discharge individual permit
  • Authorizations under the TPDES wastewater general permit for discharges from concrete production facilities (TXG110000)
  • Authorizations under the TPDES wastewater general permit for discharges of wastewater from concentrated aquatic-animal production facilities and certain related activities (TXG130000)
  • Authorizations under the TPDES wastewater general permit for discharges contaminated with petroleum fuel or petroleum substances (TXG830000)
  • Authorizations under the TPDES wastewater general permit for discharges of wastewater and contact storm water from petroleum bulk stations and terminals (TXG340000)
  • Water Quality General Permits - Quarries in the Graves Scenic Riverway Permit (TXG500000)
  • Water Quality General Permits - Hydrostatic Test Water General Permit (TXG670000)
  • Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) - Phase I (TXS000000)

Reports you cannot submit through NetDMR

  • Monthly effluent reports. If you are required to submit MERs, you must continue submitting paper forms to the TCEQ. MER data cannot be submitted through the NetDMR system.
  • Annual reports required by authorizations under the TPDES CAFO general permit must continue to be submitted by paper.
  • Other required reports.Individual and general permits with reporting requirements that you must continue to submit in paper form by mail include:
    • pretreatment semiannual and annual reports required in a permit or pretreatment program
    • biomonitoring quarterly, semiannual, and annual reports required in a permit
    • sludge beneficial-land-use quarterly and annual reports (domestic permits and sludge disposal)
    • benchmark testing under the multi-sector general permit
    • groundwater reports required in a permit
    • other reports that relate to compliance activities specified in your permit (for example, a construction schedule)
    • notices of noncompliance

Benefits for permittee

  • Offers an alternative to paper submissions, reducing your paperwork burden.
  • Improves your data quality by automatically error-checking and validating data prior to its submission to the TCEQ.
  • Aids in the timeliness of your DMR data submissions.
  • You can import DMR data for multiple outfalls at the same time.
  • You can sign your DMRs electronically.
  • You receive confirmation of your submission.
  • You can access up to five years of electronic copies.
  • You can submit attachments such as lab data, photographs, or other documentation relevant to the DMR.

Signing up for NetDMR

Note: Even if you already have a STEERS-eDMR account, you will need to sign up for a NetDMR account.

Unfortunately, none of the subscriber information from the STEERS-eDMR application is transferable to the NetDMR application. However, you will still have access to copies of records for your past data submitted to STEERS-eDMR. We will alert all current STEERS-eDMR users via e-mail about when to sign up before submission of DMRs can no longer be done through STEERS-eDMR.

Using NetDMR

There are several types of NetDMR users, and each user can be assigned one or more roles:

NetDMR Users
  • Permittee User: you work for an organization that is required to submit DMRs under a TPDES permit.
  • Data Provider (e.g., analytical laboratory, consultant): you support an organization that is required to submit DMRs as part of a TPDES permit.
NetDMR Roles
  • Permittee Read-only: able to view DMRs associated with the permit, but not allowed to update or modify DMR data.
  • Edit Access: able to view and modify DMRs and DMR data.
  • Signatory: has authority to sign and submit DMRs on behalf of your organization. A request for the signatory role requires submission of a subscriber agreement to the TCEQ. More information about signatories 30 TEX. ADMIN. CODE 305.44 Exit the TCEQ and 30 TEX. ADMIN. CODE 305.128 Exit the TCEQ
  • Permit Administrator: able to approve all DMR read-only and edit requests for a permit.

If you as a permittee so choose, one person can fulfill all the necessary roles in NetDMR—meaning, one person can both enter the data and have signatory authority to submit the data. In that case, that person would need to have the role of signatory.

Submitting the parameters for a report

The initial DMR report you submit should contain all parameters for an outfall for the specific monitoring period. However, after your initial submission, the system allows you to submit data by parameter so you can correct one or more pieces of data.

How to report self-reported data when NetDMR is down for maintenance

Occasionally, certain maintenance activities are necessary for upgrades and security. These activities often require temporarily bringing down a server or database that NetDMR utilizes. During these times, parts of or all of the NetDMR system will be unavailable for use. Most of these maintenance activities are scheduled, but occasionally emergency maintenance may occur that is not on the schedule.

If you are unable to submit your data through the NetDMR system due to unavailability for extended periods of time, you can create a paper DMR using a blank form. You can retrieve the blank DMR form two ways depending on the level of NetDMR connectivity to have an alternative means to report your data to TCEQ. First, you can download the Blank DMR Form from this web page. Second, you can log into the NetDMR application and towards the top of the page, click on the Blank DMR Form link under the Download tab.

You should also have an already saved a Copy of Record for your current permit so that you can manually enter all parameters and codes necessary for the processing of a paper DMR for your quick reference.

Note: When your facility is registered to submit data electronically, this method of reporting on paper DMRs should only be used on a temporary, emergency basis.

NetDMR security and signature features

Security and legal dependability

Communications with NetDMR are secured by your password, responses to security questions, and use of the SSL protocol commonly used by online banking sites.

In addition, NetDMR has received approval from the EPA that it meets the requirements of the Cross-Media Electronic Reporting Rule (CROMERR). CROMERR specifies standards that govern electronic reporting to states, tribes, and local governments under EPA-authorized programs, such as the NPDES program. The CROMERR standards are designed to ensure that these electronic submissions have the same level of legal dependability as equivalent paper submissions. More information about CROMERRExit the TCEQ

Requesting signature authority in NetDMR

A request for the signatory role will require submission of a subscriber agreement. You must agree to its terms and conditions and then print, sign, and mail the form to the TCEQ before you can fully access the NetDMR application. You will not be able to use your Texas driver’s license in place of the wet-ink signature on the subscriber agreement.

Note: Until the first signatory role is approved for a permit, no other roles can be requested for the permit.

To find out more

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Call us at 512-239-eDMR (3367).

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NetDMR Data Import Specification

Facts on NetDMR (PDF)

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CAFO: concentrated animal-feeding operation

CROMERR: Cross-Media Electronic Reporting Rule

DMR:  discharge-monitoring report

EPA:  U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

ICIS: Integrated Compliance Information System

MER: monthly effluent report

NPDES: National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System

SSL: Secure Socket Layer

STEERS: State of Texas Environmental Electronic Reporting System

TPDES: Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination System