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Surface Water Quality (Segments) Viewer

This viewer allows users to view the stream segments and water bodies (including impairment status) for any body of water in Texas that the TCEQ monitors. Surface Water Quality Monitoring (SWQM) Stations are also included in the viewer.

Using this interactive map viewer, users can view stream segments and water bodies monitored by TCEQ. Users can also select a particular segment or water body to view additonal information such as segment name, ID number, description, and impairment status.

Also included in the viewer are:

  1. The locations of the Surface Water Quality Monitoring (SWQM) Stations.
  2. Customized tools allow the user to search by address, obtain coordinates, measure distances, and create bookmarks.
  3. Choose from a selection of basemaps including streets, aerial imagery, and topographic maps.
  4. Pan and zoom using simple navigation tools.


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User Guide - Read this first. This downloadable PDF document Adobe Acrobat PDF Document explains how to use the tools available in the viewer. New Information