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Region 14 Corpus Christi Exam Registration Form

Corpus Christi Exam Registration

Remember, you can register to take a computer-based test instead of taking a paper-based test!

Some of the benefits of using Computer Based Testing (CBT) are:

  • Immediate exam score!
  • Immediate exam analysis feedback!
  • Faster receipt of licenses!
  • Immediate retesting available!

CBT exams are not offered in TCEQ Regional Offices.

Region 14 Exam Location

TCEQ Region 14 - Corpus Christi
6300 Ocean Drive
Natural Resource Center Building, Room 1003
Corpus Christi, TX 78412-5839

Main Phone Line: (361) 825-3100
Fax: (361) 825-3101

Available Exams In This Regional Office

  • Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester (BPAT) - written portion
  • Customer Service Inspector (CSI)
  • Irrigation Inspector
  • Irrigation Technician (English and Spanish)
  • Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)
  • On-Site Sewage Systems (OSSFs) - Maintenance Provider
  • Wastewater Operators
  • Wastewater Collection Operator
  • Water Operators
  • Water Treatment Specialist (WTS)

Region Specific Information

When: Exams are administered on the third Thursday of every month beginning at 1:30 pm (3 hours allowed). Please arrive to the exam location 30 minutes prior to the exam time. No one will be allowed to enter the exam room after the start time.
  • Cancellation: To cancel a scheduled exam you must contact the Corpus Christi regional office at (361) 825-3100.
  • Seating: Seating is limited to 10 seats for the Water D Exam and seating is limited to 35 seats for all other exams. You must pre-register. No walk-ins are allowed.
  • Parking: Since the exams are administered at a University, the applicants must abide by their parking and traffic regulations. Applicants should arrive early to allow for additional time for parking issues which may arise. All applicants must stop at the security and information kiosk for assistance with parking. There are a limited number (5) of “free” parking spaces in the parking lot for the NRC building. Once the 5 visitor passes have been issued at the kiosk, visitors will be directed to the Bayside Parking garage. The cost for 3 hours in the garage is $5. For more information on visitor parking at the University, please visit their web page.
  • On Exam Day: Only the following items are allowed in the exam rooms: basic calculators, number 2 pencils, government issued ID, check/ money order/e-Pay receipt, confirmation of exam registration/training certificates, and re-test/deficiency letters. All other items are not allowed in the exam rooms.

For more information on taking an exam, exam details, etc., please see our Exam Schedule and Registration web page.

Classroom Regional Registration Form

In order to adequately prepare our offices and to extend exam spaces to as many registrants as practical, we are limiting registrations to one exam date/time per individual. Please choose an exam you would like to take from the list below. Multiple appointments scheduled for the same individual for the same exam will be deleted and only the most recent date will be kept. All of the exams are offered in the afternoon. If a date is not available, it is because that session is already full.

Are you re-taking the exam?   It is only considered a retest if the test date will be less than 12 months since the application fee was paid and fewer than 4 attempts within the last year.

Choose Payment Type   You must have a check / money order to take the exam or a reciept from TCEQ if you pre-paid. (You may retake an exam at no charge, however it will only be considered a retest if the test date will be less than 12 months since the application fee was paid and fewer than 4 attempts within the last year.)

Exam Types   Please choose a exam you would like to take from the list below. All of the exams given at this TCEQ Regional Office are at a cost of $111.00.