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Stage II Vapor Recovery Facility Representative & Approved Training Providers

Training information for gas station employees about Stage II Vapor Recovery Rules on gas pumps in high ozone areas.

Gas stations operating in areas where ozone levels have exceeded federal limits must have at least one worker who has been trained by an approved TCEQ training provider to operate and maintain an appropriate Stage II vapor recovery system. This training is required by the Texas Health and Safety Code Exit the TCEQ Chapter 382 and 30 TAC, Chapter 115, Subchapter C. 

About the Stage II Vapor Recovery Facility Representative Program

The Stage II Vapor Recovery Facility Representative Program can answer routine questions regarding required training. Below is the contact information for the program:

  • Location - The first floor in building D of the TCEQ complex located at 12100 Park 35 Circle in Austin, Texas.
  • Office Hours - 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday (excluding holidays Exit the TCEQ).
  • Phone - 512/239-6133
  • Fax - 512/239-0533
  • Mailing Address - TCEQ, Stage II Vapor Recovery Facility Representative Program, MC-178, PO Box 13087, Austin, TX 78711-3087.
  • E-mail - 

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Where in Texas is Stage II training required?

Stage II training is required in the following counties. The counties are known as "non-attainment areas" because ground level ozone levels there have exceeded federal limits. Gas stations in these areas must have Stage II vapor recovery systems installed at the pumps and must have at least one worker trained by a TCEQ approved training provider to operate and maintain a Stage II vapor recovery system.

Area of StateCounties Affected
Houston/Galveston Brazoria, Chambers, Fort Bend, Galveston, Harris, Liberty, Montgomery, and Waller
Beaumont/Port Arthur Hardin, Jefferson, and Orange
El Paso El Paso
Dallas/Fort Worth Collin, Dallas, Denton, and Tarrant 

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How do I become approved as a Stage II Vapor Recovery Representative?

Stage II Vapor Recovery Licensing Type & LevelValidity periodEducation RequiredExperience RequiredTraining Credit
Stage II Vapor Recovery Facility Representative Indefinite None None Training Providers*
* TCEQ approved training providers are required per course guidelines to administer a written examination or written documentation/worksheet of the participant's general understanding of the course materials and presentation. Participants must meet the requirements before obtaining a certificate of course completion. 

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What is a Stage II Vapor Recovery Representative responsible for?

TCEQ approved facility representatives are responsible for:

  • ensuring that every employee is aware of the purposes and correct operating procedures of the system,
  • ensuring that the performance criteria is proper to the Stage II system equipment being operated and maintained, and
  • successfully completing approved training within three months of the departure of the previous approved facility representative. 

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Stage II Vapor Recovery Training

If you have a gas station in an area where ground-level ozone exceeds federal limits, then you must have at least one worker at that station trained and certified to operate and maintain a Stage II vapor recovery system. To register for this required Stage II facility representative training, contact one of the TCEQ-approved training providers listed below.

If you have more than one station that each need a Stage II facility representative, then you have two options:

  • Send at least one employee from each station to a TCEQ-approved training provider for the "Representative" course.
  • Have one of your employees take the "Trainer" course from a TCEQ-approved training provider. This employee may then train each of the other Stage II facility representatives you need. (Their Stage II facility representative certifications will be valid at only your stations and only if they remain your employee.)

This list is subject to change at any time. To verify this information, call our Stage II Facility Representative Training Program in Austin at 512/239-6133 or e-mail For information about fees, schedules, locations, or other aspects of a particular course, contact the training provider. 

TCEQ-Approved Training Providers

Provider Number Organization Instructors Date Authorized
0011 Monarch Assoc.
3439 Meadow Creek
Sachse, TX 75048
Bob Leigh-Manuell (0011-02)
William Vincent Bader (0011-04)
3 hrs
CD-ROM (self-paced), or
CD-ROM (online)
Exit the TCEQ (Representative)
0015 G & B Petroleum
Route 9, 7516 Shady Ln
Beaumont, TX 77713
Jeffrey McNeel (0015-01)
Bill Ballard (0015-02)
3 hrs (Representative)
0016 Training and Services Corp.
501 Bains Street, #113
Brookshire, TX 77423
Mike Treat (0016-01) 01/06/1998
3.5 hrs (Representative)
0019 Tanknology
8501 N Mopac, Ste 400
Austin, TX 78759
Brad Hoffman (0019-02) 12/10/2001
4 hrs (Representative)
0020 Ivy Associates
18668 E Mazatzazl Circle
Rio Verde, AZ 85263
Rick Gabardy (0020-01) 03/25/1997
Exit the TCEQ
0022 Bennett & Associates
875 N Eldridge Parkway # 201
Houston, TX 77079
James C. Westfall (0022-02) 713/521-7758 05/18/1998
Self-Study, or (one-on-one training at your facility)
0023 D&H Petroleum & Environmental Services
PO Box 17969
El Paso, TX 79917-0969
Victor H. Ayala (0023-01) 06/15/1999
4 hrs (Representative)
0025 Pump Tex, Inc.
PO Box 22936
Beaumont, TX 77720
Gary Everett (0025-01) 07/19/2000
4 hrs (Representative)
8 hrs (Trainer)
0027 ECS, Inc.
720-L Lakeview Plaza Blvd
Worthington, OH 43085
Megan Hubenthal (0027-03) 03/16/2006
By manual, or
By CD-ROM, or
Exit the TCEQ (Representative)
0028 JMM Management Group, LLC
2496 Technology Dr
Elgin, IL 60124
Jon M Marinas (0028-01) 01/21/2003
By CD-ROM, or
Exit the TCEQ (Representative)
0029 American Training Center, Inc., formally: Jusair Group Inc/Jusair Consultants
PO Box 121201
Arlington, TX 76012
Ibrahim Abdulrazzaq (0029-01) 07/24/2003
Paper-based or
0030 Buell Consulting Co
PO Box 23002
Beaumont, TX 77720
Jeffrey A Buell (0030-01) 10/07/2003
4 hrs (Representative)
8 hrs (Trainer)
0031 B&J Equipment
PO Box 6004
Longview, TX 75608
Jeffrey A Buell (0031-01) 9/26/2006
4 hrs (Representative)
8 hrs (Trainer)
0032 USS Stage II Maintenance & Service
26917 Crowns Cove Ln
Kingwood, TX 77339
M. Sadiq Durrani (0032-01) 7/15/2008
4 hrs (Representative)
8 hrs (trainer)
0033 Lacey Templin
14074 Overlook Ln
Forney, TX 75126
Lacey Templin (0033-01) 1/15/2009
4 hrs (Representative)
8 hrs (Trainer)
2019 Harper Maintenance Service
2809 Singleton St
Rowlett, TX 75088
Kevin Pyron(2019-01) 12/18/2007
4 hrs (Representative)
2021 Texas Stage II
2210 Pech Road
Houston, TX 77373
Tommy McNicholas(2021-01) 2/19/2010
4 hrs (Representative)
2025 STR Stage II Testing LLC
PO Box 681656
Houston, TX 78268
Mansoor A Bukhari(2025-01) 9/17/2012
4 hrs (Representative)

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