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Basic Maintenance Provider Training Outline

Required training topics.

These outlines contain the minimum topics for independent development of TCEQ-approved courses for training maintenance companies. They also outline the required topics for individual homeowner training by aerobic system installers and manufacturers.

Basic Maintenance Provider Training Outline

This outline contains the basic topics to be covered in the classroom portion of maintenance company (and employee) training. A minimum of 16 hours is required, but TCEQ-approved trainers may may have additional requirements. Once this approved course has been successfully completed, additional training from specific manufacturers may be necessary. Additionally, successful completion of the TCEQ-approved basic maintenance course does not obligate any aerobic system manufacturer to certify a maintenance provider. These courses must be reviewed and approved by the TCEQ.

Download basic maintenance provider training outline (PDF) (Help with PDF)

Basic Maintenance Provider Classes

Basic Maintenance Provider Training Class UPDATE:

The mandatory Basic Maintenance Provider training class will be offered in the very near future. You can click on the link below to get the latest information concerning classes, locations, and times:

Texas On-Site Wastewater Association (TOWA)