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Educational Materials Available to Water Systems

The TCEQ has free resources to help your water system prepare for the possibility of a continued drought and educate citizens about the need for water conservation.

Check back frequently; new resources are posted as they become available!


Consumer Outreach Materials


Bill Stuffer (GI-400): Two versions offer customers tips to save water and money.

    • Ready-to-Go. Use in your mailouts or as a stand-alone handout. Measuring 3.5 inches x 5.5 inches, the bill stuffers can fit in almost any size envelope.
    • Customizable. Add your own logo and contact information, and print your own copies.

Bumper Sticker (M-36): Place on fleet vehicles to remind citizens to conserve water.

Mirror Cling (M-38): Remind visitors to "turn off the faucet" in restrooms.

Web Banner Ad: Post on your website to highlight water conservation tips and link to more resources.


Consumer Publications


Save Money and the Environment at Home (GI-370): Ten handy tips for conserving and recycling while ssaving money around the house and during the daily commute.

Save Water. Save Energy. Save Money at Work (GI-388): Brochure with 10 environmental tips for improving air and water quality, conserving water and energy, and reducing waste at the office.

Managing Lawn Problems in Texas, A Take Care of Texas Guide (GI-407): Brief guide to choosing your turf, managing your lawn, and solving common lawn problems.

Landscape Irrigation, A Take Care of Texas Guide (GI-409): Brief guide to developing a water-efficient landscape, including tips on using good water techniques and choosing irrigation systems.

Rainwater Harvesting (GI-404): Homeowners and landowners can build simple or complex systems to capture, store, and use rainwater to water their landscape plants.

Mulching and Composting, A Take Care of Texas Guide (GI-036): Quick tips to save money, time, and effort and help your community by mulching and composting.

Rainwater Harvesting with Rain Barrels, A Take Care of Texas guide (GI-383): Helps you maintain a healthy yard, save money, and take care of our state's varied landscapes.

Managing 10 Common Texas Yard Pests, A Take Care of Texas Guide (GI-405): Learn environmentally friendly ways to get rid of these 10 common Texas yard pests.

For more publications and outreach materials, visit Take Care of Texas Publications.


Media Resources


Information for Weather Centers: Use this information to assist viewers in conserving water.

Template News Release: Customize to include water restrictions and conservation tips specific for your area.

Template Public Service Announcement (PSA): Customize this script to encourage citizens to conserve water.

TV PSA Watch public service announcement that encourages citizens to conserve water

Radio PSAs: Listen to scripted audio public service announcements about water conservation and doing your part.