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Batch Mixer Stakeholder Group

Meeting schedule, agendas, and minutes of past meetings for this open-participation group that discusses issues related to PBRs for batch mixers uner 30 TAC 106.141.

The Batch Mixer Stakeholder Group was formed to receive comments and suggestions on amendments to the permit by rule (PBR) for batch mixers—Title 30, Texas Administrative Code, Section 106.141.

About This Advisory Group

The Air Permits Division is seeking comments on the current PBR for batch mixers which limits the authorization to those mixers with a capacity of no more than 5 cubic feet. We are seeking information regarding typical equipment sizes, types, and normal operating scenarios for mixers used in construction and repair in Texas.

Participating in This Advisory Group

The Batch Mixer Stakeholder Group is open to the public; anyone who wishes to join may attend the meetings. We anticipate that the group will include representation from the construction industry, environmental groups, public interest groups, and individual citizens.

Upcoming Meetings


Agenda and Minutes from Past Meetings

January 19, 2012Agenda Adobe Acrobat PDF DocumentMinutes Adobe Acrobat PDF DocumentAttendees Adobe Acrobat PDF Document

Staff Contact

For more information or to suggest topics for meetings, call Blake Stewart at 512-239-6931 or through our main Air Permits Division line, 512-239-1250. You may also submit your question or comment. Be sure to include "Batch Mixer Stakeholder Group" in the subject line of your inquiry.