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NSR Application Representations Advisory Group

Meeting schedule, agendas, and minutes of previous meetings of this open-participation group that discusses and comments on pending amendments to 30 TAC Chapter 116, Control of Air Pollution by Permits for New Construction or Modification, which would limit the enforcement, under the Federal Operating Permit Program of certain representations on new source review applications.

The NSR Application Representations Advisory Group was established in September 2003 by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Air Permits Division (APD).

About This Advisory Group

The NSR Application Representations Advisory Group will discuss concepts and receive advice and comments on various issues. The TCEQ staff will use the comments of the group in the development of future rule language. The topics for discussion include:

  • Pending amendments to Chapter 116;
  • control of air pollution by permits for new construction or modification which would limit the enforcement under the Federal Operating Permit Program; and
  • certain representation on New Source Review applications.

Participating in This Advisory Group

This group is open to the public; anyone who wishes to join may attend the meeting(s). We anticipate that the group will consist of members of state and local governments, professional organizations, industry, small business owners, consultants, attorneys, engineers and individual citizens.

Upcoming Meetings

The next meeting of the NSR Application Representations Advisory Group has not yet been scheduled. The time, place, and agenda will be posted here when available.

Agendas and Minutes from Past Meetings

The files linked below are in portable document format:

Date Agenda Minutes
Sep. 25, 2003 Agenda Minutes

Questions? We Can Help

Please submit your questions or comments online. Be sure to include "NSR Application Representations Advisory Group" in the subject line of your inquiry.