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May 1, 2008: New Public Notice Policy for New Source Review Permit Renewals

Renewal public notices will now explain changes that have occurred since issuance. Effective May 19, 2008, permit holders will be required to submit revised Form PI-1R.

Historically, notices for permit renewals would specify that the permit renewal would not result in an increase in allowable emissions and would not result in the emission of an air contaminant not previously emitted, regardless of whether the permit was previously changed since initial issuance or last renewal. For example, a permit renewal could include permits by rule that are being referenced in the underlying New Source Review permit, or the permit could have previously been altered or amended. Additionally, notices for amendments would not historically specify if there was a concurrent renewal being reviewed.

Form PI-1R, General Application for Air Permit Renewals, has been revised to allow an applicant to reflect what has occurred. This will allow the public notice to more accurately reflect what is occurring at permit renewal. It is important that the applicant complete Form PI-IR correctly, otherwise the notice may need to be republished. All renewal applications received on or after May 19, 2008, must include the latest version of Form PI-1R.

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