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Unit Attribute Forms Associated with Chemical Sources

Individual Unit Attribute Forms associated with Chemical Sources.
  • Storage Tank Vessel Attributes
    • OP-UA3 (TCEQ Form-10008)
  • Loading/Unloading Operations Attributes
    • OP-UA4 (TCEQ Form-10041)
  • Process Heater/Furnace Attributes
    • OP-UA5 (TCEQ Form-10025)
  • Boiler/Steam Generator/Steam Generating Unit Attributes
    • OP-UA6 (TCEQ Form-10026)
  • Flare Attributes
    • OP-UA7 (TCEQ Form-10022)
  • Gas Sweetening/Sulfur Recovery Unit Attributes
    • OP-UA10 (TCEQ Form-10037)
  • Fugitive Emission Unit Attributes
  • Industrial Process Cooling Tower Attributes
    • OP-UA13 (TCEQ Form-10029)
  • Water Separator Attributes
    • OP-UA14 (TCEQ Form-10038)
  • Emission Point/Stationary Vent/Distillation Operation/Process Vent Attributes
    • OP-UA15 (TCEQ Form-10046)
  • Distillation Unit Attributes
    • OP-UA17 (TCEQ Form-10039)
  • Waste Water Unit Attributes
    • OP-UA19 (TCEQ Form-10034)
  • Nitric Acid Manufacturing Attributes
    • OP-UA27 (TCEQ Form-10036)
  • Polymer Manufacturing Attributes
    • OP-UA28 (TCEQ Form-10048)
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
    • OP-UA34 (TCEQ Form-10291)
  • Dry Cleaning Facility Attributes
    • OP-UA41 (TCEQ Form-10092)
  • Phosphate Fertilizer Manufacturing Attributes
    • OP-UA42 (TCEQ Form-10093)
  • Sulfuric Acid Production Attributes
    • OP-UA43 (TCEQ Form-10094)
  • Surface Impoundment Attributes
    • OP-UA45 (TCEQ Form-10246)
  • Epoxy Resins and Non-Nylon Polyamides Production Attributes
    • OP-UA46 (TCEQ Form-10221)
  • Reactor Attributes
    • OP-UA48 (TCEQ Form-10224)
  • Vacuum-Producing System Attributes
    • OP-UA49 (TCEQ Form-10292)
  • Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit Catalyst Regenerator/Fuel Gas Combustion Device/Claus Sulfur Recovery Plant Attributes
    • OP-UA50 (TCEQ Form-10223)
  • Closed Vent Systems and Control Devices
    • OP-UA52 (TCEQ Form-10293)
  • Transfer System Attributes
    • OP-UA55 (TCEQ Form-10247)
  • Vinyl Chloride Process Attributes
    • OP-UA56 (TCEQ Form-10294)
  • Treatment Process Attributes
    • OP-UA58 (TCEQ Form-10248)
  • Coke By-Product Recovery Plant Attributes
    • OP-UA59 (TCEQ Form-10295)
  • Chemical Manufacturing/Elastomer/Thermoplastic Process Unit Attributes
    • OP-UA60 (TCEQ Form-10296)
  • Glycol Dehydration Unit Attributes
    • OP-UA62 (TCEQ Form-10434)

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