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Unit Attribute Forms Associated with Mechanical Sources

Individual Unit Attribute Forms associated with Mechanical Sources.
  • Storage Tank Vessel Attributes
    • OP-UA3 (TCEQ Form-10008)
  • Loading/Unloading Operations Attributes
    • OP-UA4 (TCEQ Form-10041)
  • Coal Preparation Plant Attributes
    • OP-UA8 (TCEQ Form-10027)
  • Nonmetallic Mineral Process Plant Attributes
    • OP-UA9 (TCEQ Form-10028)
  • Emission Point/Stationary Vent/Distillation Operation/Process Vent Attributes
    • OP-UA15 (TCEQ Form-10046)
  • Asphalt Operations Attributes
    • OP-UA20 (TCEQ Form-10031)
  • Wool Fiberglass Insulation Manufacturing Plant Attributes
    • OP-UA24 (TCEQ Form-10040)
  • Synthetic Fiber Production Attributes
    • OP-UA25 (TCEQ Form-10035)
  • Electroplating and Anodizing Unit Attributes
    • OP-UA26 (TCEQ Form-10042)
  • Glass Manufacturing Unit Attributes
    • OP-UA29 (TCEQ Form-10049)
  • Kraft, Soda, Sulfite, and Stand-Alone Semichemical Pulp Mill Attributes
    • OP-UA30 (TCEQ Form-10079)
  • Lead Smelting Attributes
    • OP-UA31 (TCEQ Form-10083)
  • Copper and Zinc Smelting/Brass and Bronze Production Attributes
    • OP-UA32 (TCEQ Form-10084)
  • Metallic Mineral Processing Plant Attributes
    • OP-UA33 (TCEQ Form-10085)
  • Steel Plant Unit Attributes
    • OP-UA36 (TCEQ Form-10087)
  • Basic Oxygen Process Furnace Unit Attributes
    • OP-UA37 (TCEQ Form-10088)
  • Lead-Acid Battery Manufacturing Plant Attributes
    • OP-UA38 (TCEQ Form-10089)
  • Sterilization Source Attributes
    • OP-UA39 (TCEQ Form-10090)
  • Ferroalloy Production Facility Attributes
    • OP-UA40 (TCEQ Form-10091)
  • Municipal Solid Waste Landfill/Waste Disposal Site Attributes
    • OP-UA44 (TCEQ Form-10227)
  • Beryllium Processing Attributes
    • OP-UA53 (TCEQ Form-10225)
  • Mercury Chlor-Alkali Cell Attributes
    • OP-UA54 (TCEQ Form-10222)
  • Pulp, Paper, or Paperboard Producing Process Attributes
    • OP-UA61 (TCEQ Form-10345)

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