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Regulated Entity (RE) / Regulated Entity Reference Number (RN)

Information on regulated entity reference number.


A regulated entity is the thing that is or has been of environmental interest to the TCEQ. It can be a facility, site location, or licensee.

A regulated entity:

  • is issued an 11-digit identification number (a "regulated entity reference number" or "RN")
  • may be associated with any number of customers
  • may hold any number of permits, registrations, etc

The regulated entity reference number follows this pattern:

  • "RN" + nine digits
  • Example: RN100212984 - Exxon Mobil Irving Terminal

Using the RN or Regulated Entity's Name

You can use the regulated entity's name or reference number to find the regulated entity's record in the Central Registry. If you do, you will get a list of the customers with which this regulated entity has an association.

For example, if a site (= a regulated entity) is owned and operated by 5 companies and/or individuals (= 5 customers), then when you use that site's unique RN to search the Central Registry, and you will get a list of the 5 different customers sorted by their customer reference numbers (CNs).

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