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Stormwater Discharges from Industrial Facilities: Am I Regulated?

Identifies sectors of industry that may obtain coverage under the industrial stormwater general permit for storm water runoff. The general permit includes coverage for stormwater runoff from manufacturing, processing, material storage, and waste material disposal areas.

Hot TopicRenewal of Multi-Sector General Permit (TXR050000)

The TCEQ is in the process of renewing the TPDES Multi-Sector General Permit for industrial facilities, TXR050000, which expires August 14, 2016. The proposed general permit applies to the entire state of Texas. The public notice of the proposed general permit and fact sheet was published in the Texas Register and several newspapers around the state on October 16, 2015. The proposed changes to the general permit are included in the proposed general permit and described in the fact sheet.

2016 MSGP Renewal:– See below for PDFs of the proposed permit and fact sheet:

30 –Day Public Comment Period: October 16 – November 16, 2015.

The proposed general permit and fact sheet are available for your review and comments.
o Please submit all written comments by 5:00 pm on November 16, 2015.
o Written comments may be submitted to:

  • Office of the Chief Clerk (MC 105)
  • TCEQ
  • P.O. Box 13087
  • Austin, TX 78711-3087

Written comments may be submitted electronically.

  • Please title all electronic submittals in the subject line with “2016 MSGP Renewal.”

Public Meeting: A public meeting will be held at 1:30 p.m. on November 16, 2015.

    • Location: TCEQ Complex at 12100 Park 35 Circle, Building E, Room 201S (Agenda Room) in Austin.
    • You may submit public comments about this general permit in writing or orally at the public meeting held by the TCEQ.
    • The purpose of a public meeting is to provide the opportunity to submit comments or to ask questions about the general permit. A public meeting is not a contested case hearing.
    • For further information about the meeting, please send an e-mail to: Outreach.


Am I Regulated?

If you discharge stormwater associated with an industrial activity into one of the following:

And your business activity fits into one of the regulated industrial sectors, meaning that your industrial activity fits under one or more of the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) CodesExit the TCEQ or Industrial Activity Codes to be found in "SIC Codes Subject to TPDES Multi-Sector General PermitAdobe Acrobat PDF Document," (Help with PDF.)

Then you will be required to obtain coverage under General Permit TXR050000 Adobe Acrobat PDF Document.

      • If all industrial activities and materials are isolated from rain, snow, snowmelt, and/or runoff by storm resistant shelters, you may be eligible for a conditional no exposure exclusion from permitting requirements.

      • Otherwise, the general permit requires you to obtain coverage, which includes submitting a notice of intent (NOI) form.

If you only have a NAICS code and no SIC code that describes your industrial activity, then it will be necessary to convert the NAICS code to an SIC codeAdobe Acrobat PDF Document to determine if coverage under this permit applies to your facility.

If you don't qualify for coverage under this general permit, you may need to obtain an individual permit for any discharges to water in the state.

If you conduct an activity related to oil and gasExit the TCEQ (See Texas Railroad CommissionExit the TCEQ), then you may need to obtain coverage under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) Storm Water Discharges Associated with Industrial ActivitiesExit the TCEQ.

Contact us if you have questions regarding general permit TXR050000.