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Stormwater Permits for Construction

Permits required for the discharge of stormwater associated with construction activities.

  Renewal Update Summary

  Did You Receive a Renewal Notification Letter?

Renewal Update Summary

 The TCEQ reissued the TPDES Construction General Permit TXR150000 on February 19, 2013. The permit became effective on March 5, 2013. This general permit authorizes the discharge of stormwater runoff associated with small and large construction sites and certain non-stormwater discharges into surface water in the state. For specific information on the permit requirements, please refer to the following documents:

For general information on obtaining coverage, including links to the revised application forms, please refer to the Additional Guidance and Quick Links: Construction Activities web page.

Please be aware of the following important information:

  • Permittees who need to renew their authorization for permit coverage will have between March 5, 2013 and June 3, 2013, to submit the required application form [Notice of Intent (NOI) or Waiver]. This is 90 days after the effective date of the reissued permit.
  • Revised forms for applying for coverage under the re-issued permit are available for use starting on March 5, 2013. The previous NOI or a Waiver forms are no longer valid.
  • The TCEQ encourages using the online epermitting system to submit the eNOI form (Waivers cannot be submitted electronically). To use the online system you need to have an active State of Texas Environmental Electronic Reporting System (STEERS) account. 
  • The CGP offers an incentive for submitting your NOI electronically rather than by paper:
    • For electronic submittal the fee is $225 and coverage begins immediately upon submittal to TCEQ via the ePermits system.
    • For paper submittal the fee is $325 and provisional coverage begins seven (7) calendar days after the date the NOI is postmarked for delivery to TCEQ. Upon approval of your NOI by the TCEQ, you will receive an authorization certificate that lasts until March 5, 2018, unless you terminate coverage before that date.

Did You Receive a Renewal Notification Letter?

hot_tiny.gif Here are answers to a few questions you may have:

Why did I receive this letter?

The TCEQ is attempting to contact all operators covered under the CGP (TXR150000) to notify them that the permit renewal was recently approved by the TCEQ Commission, and authorizations under the general permit must be renewed between March 5 and June 3, 2013.

I just applied for a permit, do I have to renew it now?

Yes, the renewal of the CGP went into effect on March 5, 2013, so any applications that were submitted before that date were for the 2008 CGP and a new application must be submitted if coverage is needed under the 2013 CGP. If you submitted a new application in error or have general questions about the renewal application, please send an email to

I have more questions.

For general information on the permit requirements, please refer to the permit documents at the top of this web page (i.e., the general permit, the fact sheet, and the executive director’s response to comments) and on the Stormwater Discharges from Construction Activities: Am I Regulated? web page.

If you have additional questions about which site is authorized, administrative or technical questions about renewing coverage, please contact the following group:

  • For questions related to your application or existing authorizations, please contact the Stormwater Processing Center by email at or by phone at (512) 239-3700.
  • For questions about the renewal permit and process, please contact the toll-free Hotline at 1-800-447-2827.
  • For technical questions about the requirements of the general permit, please contact the Stormwater & Pretreatment Team either by email at or by phone at (512) 239-4671.

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