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Municipal Solid Waste Permits

Programs and services of the MSW Permits Section.

Topics Under this Category

Annual Summary of Municipal Solid Waste Management in Texas
Annual summaries of municipal solid waste managed and amounts of remaining capacity in the various regions of Texas.
Apply for or Modify a Municipal Solid Waste Authorization
Links to pages explaining requirements for permits, registrations, and other authorizatons related to the management of municipal solid waste.
Composting Refund
Describes program allowing operators of MSW landfills in Texas to receive rebates of a portion of state fees collected if they file an approved composting plan with the TCEQ.
Composting and Mulching: Am I Regulated?
Requirements for composting or mulching source-separated materials, and materials diverted from a municipal solid waste stream. Links to guidance and forms.
Data on Municipal Solid Waste Facilities in Texas
Download Microsoft Excel files containing data on MSW facilities from TCEQ databases.
Financial Assurance for Municipal Solid Waste Facilities
Financial assurance requirements and contact information pertaining to municipal solid waste facilities.
Guidance Documents for Municipal Solid Waste
Lists of guidance documents presented on various municipal solid waste topic pages.
Information for Municipal Liquid Waste Generators
Requirements and relevant information for anyone who must dispose of domestic septage, grease trap waste, grit trap waste, or other sludge wastes in Texas.
Inventory of Closed Municipal Solid Waste Landfills
Information about an inventory of closed and abandoned municipal solid waste sites.
Inventory of Closed Municipal Solid Waste Landfills
Information about an inventory of closed and abandoned municipal solid waste sites.
Managing Municipal Solid Waste through General and Special Law Districts
Information on managing municipal solid waste through general and special law districts.
Managing and Disposing of Medical Waste
Requirements for the management and disposal of medical waste in Texas, with links to rules, guidance, and forms.
Municipal Liquid Waste Disposal
Requirements that must be met for the landfill disposal of sludge wastes in Texas. Links to related information.
Municipal Liquid Waste Processing
Requirements for facilities that process or treat sludge or liquid wastes in Texas. Links to relevant forms and guidance.
Municipal Liquid Waste Transfer
Requirements for operating a liquid waste transfer facility. Links to relevant forms and guidance.
Municipal Liquid Waste: Am I Regulated?
Overview of the various ways that liquid wastes are regulated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Links to other Web pages with more specific information on each related regulatory program.
Municipal Solid Waste Annual Reporting Program
Use these forms and instructions to submit your MSW annual report online, by e-mail, by fax, or in hard copy. Reports for fiscal year 2014 are due November 17, 2014.
Municipal Solid Waste Applications Posted on the Internet
Listings of municipal solid waste permit, registration, and modification applications posted by applicants on the Internet as required by 30 TAC Chapter 330, Subsection 330.57(i).
Municipal Solid Waste Facility Closure and Post-Closure Care
Information relating to municipal solid waste facility closure and post-closure care.
Municipal Solid Waste Financial Assurance Requirements
Links to rules describing the requirements for finanacial assurance for Municipal Solid Waste facilities.
Municipal Solid Waste Groundwater Monitoring and Corrective Action
Links to rules, forms, and information on groundwater monitoring and corrective action at municipal solid waste facilities.
Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Gas Management
Information relating to landfill gas management.
Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Liners, Leachate Collection Systems, and Final Cover Systems
Rules, guidelines, and forms relating to design and construction of municipal landfill liners and cover systems.
Municipal Solid Waste Management and Resource Recovery Advisory Council
Meeting schedule, agenda, and minutes from past meetings of this open-participation group formed to address issues related to the management of and recovery of resources from municipal solid waste.
Municipal Solid Waste Notice Requirements for Groundwater Public Meetings
Instructions and forms for public meetings regarding groundwater corrective measures assessments for municipal solid waste facilities.
Municipal Solid Waste Public Notice and Public Participation
Information about public notices concerning MSW applications, and participating in the permitting process.
Municipal Solid Waste Site Operating Plans
Information about Site Operating Plans for Municipal Solid Waste facilities.
Municipal Solid Waste Water Balance Cover Guidance
Information for owners and operators of municipal solid waste landfills who are considering a water balance or evapotranspiration alternative final cover system.
Recycling: Am I Regulated?
Storage limits, and recordkeeping and reporting requirements for Texas operations that recycle materials diverted from municipal solid waste streams.
Regional Solid Waste Grants Program
Program to provide grants to regional councils of governments to fund solid waste management activities and various local and regional projects that help implement solid waste management plans.
Search for Municipal Solid Waste Facilities, Applications, and Correspondence
Links to pages from which you can search for information in databases that track registrations and applications for permits for municipal solid waste management facilities.
Special Waste Disposal
Information on special waste identification, transportation, and disposal.
Use of Land Over Closed Municipal Solid Waste Landfills
Information, rules and forms for the use of land at closed MSW landfills and those in post-closure care.
Wastes That May Be Accepted at Municipal Solid Waste Facilities
An overview of the types of solid wastes that may be accepted at municipal solid waste processing and disposal facilities.