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Pending Water Right Applications

Water right pending applications currently under review by the TCEQ.

The list of Pending Applications will be updated every two weeks. If you need additional information regarding a specific pending application, the project manager's name is provided on the pending application list. Contact information for project managers is provided below.

Water Rights Permitting Team:

Name Telephone
Iliana Delgado (Team Leader) (512) 239-3678
Melissa Carugati (512) 239-4601
Sonia Crawford (512) 239-0636
Tracie Donnelly (512) 239-0083
Michael Gill (512) 239-2274
Sarah Henderson (512) 239-2535
Chris Kozlowski (512) 239-1801
Joe Nicosia (512) 239-1644
Ruthie Redmond (512) 239-4738
Elizabeth Swanson (512) 239-1286