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Water Rights: Am I Regulated?

Brief overview of water rights, with links to related information and relevant application forms.

Use of surface water in the state of Texas requires a water right permit. Water rights are granted on a "first come—first served" basis. As there is a limited amount of water in any stream, there are limits to the amount of water which can be permitted for use.

There are several different types of water permits are available to you. The following list is intended to help you identify those which may apply to your particular situation:

  • Water Rights Permit Package Application (TCEQ-10214) (Word or PDF)
  • Amendment of Water Rights Permit (TCEQ-10201) (Word or PDF)
  • Application for an Extension of Time to Begin and/or Complete Construction of an Authorized Project (TCEQ-10203) (Word or PDF)
  • Mariculture Permit Application (TCEQ-10219) (Word or PDF)
  • Dry Fire Hydrant Registration Application (TCEQ-10209) (Word or PDF)
  • Transfer of Water Rights Ownership Application (TCEQ-10204) (Word or PDF)
  • Voluntary Abandonment of Water Right (TCEQ-10200) (Word or PDF)
  • 10 Acre-feet or Less, One Calendar Year or Less (TCEQ-20425) (Word or PDF). Temporary water use applications requesting 10 acre-feet or less, for one calendar year or less, are processed by the TCEQ Regional Offices, the South Texas Watermaster's Office, and the Rio Grande Watermaster's Office
  • More Than 10 Acre-feet, More Than One Calendar Year (TCEQ-10202) (Word or PDF). Applications for temporary water use permits requesting more than 10 acre-feet of water per year, or requesting more than one calendar year for diversions, should be submitted to the Water Rights Permitting Team.
  • Water Rights Fees (Word or PDF). No fees required for Dry Fire Hydrant or Voluntary Abandonment.

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions.